PPCNY - Private Practice Center of NY

This page only intended for Video Sessions with Follow Up Clients. 

Sign in to this program a few minutes before your appointment time. 

To book appt use the booking program on the main website: privatepracticecenter.com

Video may work with the Safari /Internet Explorer browser, any iphone or ipad. 

Laptops or desktops with, Google Chrome or Firefox, & any Android device will work. Kindle will also work, using Silk.

Please note, scheduling an appointment early, will not result in the medication/s being refilled early. 

Also note, payments for services are not being received consistently.  Prescriptions will remain pending in the system, until the payment for the service visit is confirmed with paypal/source.

**Follow up visits are full price $150 with PayPal (privatepracticeny@gmail.com) since paypal charges processing fees. 

**Discount only given with Zelle (use - nppsha@gmail.com) payments or payment transfer source that does not have processing fees.

Sharon D or Elizabeth S (Libby) will message you at the start of the video appt if we see you are not logged in to your account.  Once you log on, go to messaging page or teletherapy page and click the blue Video button.